Monday, December 29, 2014

Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory

4 Stars
It seems everyone but me is reading comic books these days. I'm even raising a tiny Sheldon Cooper with ginormous boxes full of nearly any superhero my heart could possibly desire and yet I still hesitate when it comes to that genre. Why???? I think it's because of my own personal superhero complex. You see, in my house it goes a little something like this . . .

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When I saw Chew hope was restored that I too could learn to love the graphic novel.

Tony Chu lives in a world quite different from ours. After the bird flu struck the country bigtime, people were left with little choice when it came to chicken dinners . . .

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(Too soon? Naaaaah.)

The lack of chicken never bothered Tony, though, being as he is cibopathic - a person who receives the life history of anything he eats. Because of this condition, Tony has always tended to stick to the one food that somehow doesn't project psychic imagery to him - the beet . . .

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(Proof that there is a Jeff Goldblum .gif for any occasion. ALL HAIL JEFF GOLDBLUM!)

The general populous doesn't share Tony's issue, however, and chicken has become a hot commodity on the black market so restaurants are willing to do almost anything to get it. It's either get the real deal or be left serving up a fake chicken substitute . . .

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As a detective with the Special Crimes Division of the F.D.A., it is Tony's job to track down the chicken smuggling ring as well as solve any other crimes that happen to pop up during the process. He only has to take a little nibble out of the victims in order to figure out the whodunit . . .

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Obviously I get a kick out of reading weird shit, and Chew is definitely weird. Buuuuuut, I have no clue how to appropriately review a comic, so you get what you get. The story was totally unique, the characters were enjoyable, there was great flow to the action in between the various chapters, and the artwork was quality . . .

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And if anyone can fall in love whilst being vomited on, they're probably going to be liked by me.