Friday, October 11, 2013

Picture Me by Lori Weber

2 Stars

NetGalley ARC

Krista is a 13-year old who is struggling with her weight. Chelsea is the head of a clique that pick on Krista incessantly. Tessa is Krista’s friend who feels terrible about the bullying she witnesses. Follow the stories of these three girls as each tells their own version of events in "diary" format and find there is more to each individual than meets the eye.

Unlike some of the recent "bullying" books, there is no question that the victim truly is being picked on and the repercussions of Krista being a target for too long were realistic. What this book had that many others don’t was the perspective of the victim’s friend and that of her bully. Tessa was a friend everyone would be lucky to have. She was a friend that most parents probably hope their children resemble. Chelsea was the quintessential mean girl who believes she is quite the golden child, however her entries showed a much harsher reality. I would recommend this book to the pre-teen/tween crowd. Although it’s written for a younger audience, it was done well enough that I got through it in not time at all. The lessons taught are valuable – whether you believe your child to be the victim, the bystander or a possible bully. The writing style is easy to read and the "mature" content is very toned down and told only in hints and innuendo.

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