Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Covet by Tracey Garvis-Graves

2.5 Stars

When Chris found himself a victim of the recession and out of work, he was sure he’d be employed again well before his severance package ever ran out. Over a year later, he’s finally employed, but the only opportunity that was available has him traveling all week. Claire has tried to stay strong throughout her husband’s unemployment. She’s ridden out the storm of financial worries and her husband’s mood swings by taking more on her own plate. She thought when Chris got her new job their life would be back on the upswing, but Chris is even more distant than he was before. Claire’s loneliness and Chris’ absence find Claire befriending Daniel, a local policeman, and asking herself just how far can she bend in order to save her marriage before everything breaks?

I picked this book up because I wanted something fluffy. Tracy Garvis-Graves became my guilty pleasure this summer with "On the Island". That book was hot and I’m not ashamed to admit it. "Covet" wasn’t at all what I expected. Rather than being a lusty page turner, it was a story about relationships. A story that could happen to almost anyone. What happens when you get complacent in your marriage? When you stop saying and showing that you love the other? When someone else steps in to fill the void?

Although I wanted something kind of frisky – and this book DEFINITELY didn’t fit that bill, I didn’t dislike "Covet". It was what that Godawful movie "Fireproof" should have been. A tale of how love is lost and the fight to either get it back or let it go. Chris, Claire and Daniel’s respective voices told a decent story that I was able to finish in just a couple of hours.

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