Friday, October 19, 2018

Watching You by Lisa Jewell

5 Stars

Are you a lover of the neighborhood voyeur type of story who constantly finds themselves being suckered into reading anything about “watching” or “watchers” but generally is left feeling very meh about the whole thing when finished reading – only to immediately repeat the process? If so, look no further . . . .

Because this might be the book you've been waiting for. I’m as surprised as anyone to be giving this (or really ANY) mystery/thriller the full monty of starzzzzzz – especially after recently coming off of my own supermeh Lisa Jewell read (that everyone else loved). But all the Stars it shall receive.

Watching You takes place in a quaint little place known as Melville Heights – and more particularly in a specific neighborhood featuring boldly painted homes. Our story focuses primarily on three households. The Fitzwilliam house features Tom, the headmaster of the local school, his wife Nicola and their son Freddie. Joey and her husband Alfie actually live with her brother Jack and his wife Rebecca. Then there’s Jenna who is the same age as Freddie (but not his classmate, because although she attends Mr. Fitzwilliam’s school, Freddie attends private) who lives with her (literally) paranoid mother. All of these houses have one thing in common . . . .

And that’s all you get.

Dang did I eat this book up! I love a story where you know something superbadawful has happened, but you don’t know exactly what or to whom. I love it even more when I forget all about the “mystery” aspect because I’m so wrapped up in the individual character’s goings on. The closest thing I can think to compare this to is The Casual Vacancy (so if you hated that there’s a chance this one won’t work and you should pick one of Jewell’s eleventy other books to read instead), but the way the mystery becomes ancillary and how each character’s life intertwines with the others and how well developed they are all leaves that as the comparison that I’m going to make. I thought this was brilliant.

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