Friday, October 12, 2018

Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins

4.5 Stars

What’s going on with me, you ask? Oh, you know, the same old same old . . . .

Fifteen years ago Nora Stuart left Scupper Island behind and pretty much never looked back. Winner of a scholarship fairytales are made of, Nora was able to drop the “Troll” moniker that had followed her through high school, graduate from Tufts Medical School and become a successful gastroenterologist in Boston. All that changed, however, when she had a (literal) run-in with a Beantown Bug Killers bus. Broken, bruised, and unfortunately overhearing a conversation she should have never had to experience even if she was in perfect health, Nora decides to nurse her wounds back in the place she never thought she’d return to.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Now That You Mention it is a “maybe you can go home again” type of story. My reading experience was pretty much the equivalent of this . . . .

I realize that this is not what most people would think of as my norm (and yes, Mitchell is giving me the silent treatment), but . . . . .

Don’t like me getting super chicky? The delete button has been conveniently placed right at the top of my profile page for you : )

I just couldn’t help but fall in love with this dang thing. Let’s just start by acknowledging my dream house would be situated on Mackinac Island so I was automatically into this quaint little island town. And it was impossible not to become invested in all of the characters. From Nora herself whose first thoughts while being ran over by a truck were “how will my dog cope with this?” along with the realization she’d never get to meet Daniel Radcliffe via way of stalking the theater backdoor on Broadway, to her (soooooo realistic) teenage niece Poe, to her “supahMainah” of a mother (complete with one word “ayuh” responses to nearly everything), to her former classmate Xiowen (and her filthy mouth), to (of course) the boy next door. This whole book was like channeling my inner What About Bob and taking a vacation from my problems resulting in a Bookstagram pic of a unicorn sitting on a rainbow. I never wanted it to end. Many thanks to Deanna’s Review which is how this ended up at the top of my TBR stack so soon after finishing my first Higgins book (that I read simply because it was controversial like my usual jackass self).

(4.5 Stars rather than the whole monty because I don’t like seeing a dead horse get beaten and am heartless enough that I grew tired of hearing about Nora’s deadbeat daddy as well as hints about her superbadawful that could have been explained earlier on rather than driving me batty hinting about.)

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