Monday, October 1, 2018

Three To Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich

4 Stars

Obviously I had to return home on Saturday as well. This time I was sans kids as Dad took round two to the next destination for Sunday so it was up to Stephanie Plum to keep me awake. Luckily this was available for download since I had underestimated the length of these in audio format.

This third trip to the ‘Burg finds Stephanie involved in a missing persons case. Everyone’s favorite business owner, Uncle Moe, has gone FTA and is nowhere to be found. No one is interested in helping Stephanie lock up their favorite candy man. I feel the same about my neighborhood candy salesman . . .

Who doesn’t love puppies and sweets?

Three To Get Deadly also featured a record-high body count, and the return of everyone’s favorite former ho . . . .

At what point do the wheels start falling off this thing? I’m giving this one 4 Stars again and there’s a good chance I’ll be downloading #4 if it’s available before this weekend’s (thankfully shorter) road trip.

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