Monday, June 4, 2018

The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

2 Stars

My Currently Reading list sits at a whopping TWENTY-ONE books at present. Please note that never in the history of ever have I read more than one book at a time, so this just shows that this year has gotten waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of control when it comes to the read-to-reviewed ratio. That being said, Imma keep this one real short and sweet.

A friend recommended Chris Bohjalian to me a while ago when The Flight Attendant was already on my radar due to several GR friends reading it. I decided that should be the one I requested from the library and proceeded to wait my turn. Now I’m thinking I should have chosen something else because this just was not the book for me. The premise is simple . . . .

“It was just like so many of the other times she had woken up naked and hungover in bed with a guy, with only the slightest idea how she had gotten there – except this time the guy was dead.”

If you know me, you’ll know this pretty much sounds like my idea of a great time and are probably wondering WTF happened that makes me read even something so directly in my wheelhouse wrong. Here’s the deal: I love thrillers, but I don’t love spy thrillers. I also love unreliable narrators, but I don’t love narrators who just get blackout drunk so they can’t even provide any info. I’m also not a huge fan of knowing who the whodunit is when it’s pretty clear I’m not supposed to know who the whodunit is right away. However, when there are only a handful of characters it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. This obviously wasn’t my cuppa, but my friends Deanna, Jennifer and DJ all liked it so you may too. If you don’t think this one would work for you either, but are still interested in reading a book narrated by a drunk woman, might I suggest The Woman in the Window or even The Girl on the Train - an option that probably has people who know me going. . . . .

Yeah, The Flight Attendant really didn’t work for me.

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  1. Love the Blog,you should work for the New York Times lol. It's nice to read a little humour along with a creditable review. My book, Cure, has only had reviews from the UK Amazon. I have no idea why that is, it may be the European slant? I don't know. Any way, keep up the good work!Kind regards, Steven John Howard