Thursday, February 22, 2018

Beard In Mind by Penny Reid

4 Stars

FINALLY my turn at the pornbrary came up for this highly anticipated Winston Brothers story. Please don’t get it twisted – I, along with hundreds of other horny housewives, resemble something much like this at the mere mention of “Billy” . . . .

But seeing as his book doesn’t come out for another seventeen thousand years I had to make do with this one and thank the tiny 8 lb. 6 oz. Baby Jeebus (don’t even know a word yet) that Beard In Mind lived up to my high hopes. If you are familiar with these stories – or if you have two brain cells that cooperate with each other – you can figure out that this series focuses on a bunch of brothers. Thus was the case here with brother Beau, the charmer of the group. The difference this time? I could really give a rat fart about him because it was all about the leading lady. Meet Shelly. She has some personality traits that might seem a tad familiar . . . . .

Wrapped up in a package something like this . . . .

Her milkshake most definitely brings the boys to the auto yard where they be all . . . .

That is until they have an interaction with her, at which point they’d probably be more like . . . .

Now I’m sure there are a plethora of horny housewives who will be ever-so-offended by Shelly and say people with her diagnosis aren’t really like that and blah blah blah. You’re all entitled to your opinion. Just don’t come here and tell me that I’m a jerkoff for enjoying a fucking PORNO because if you do, you know what you can do with your comment????

Shelly kicked ass and this book had all the things going for it:

1. Shelly;

2. She was the dirty talker and that made me giggle;

3. Shelly;

4. It ran in the same timeline as Cletus/Banana Cake Twat’s story;

5. Shelly;

6. The “drama” was of a different variety that could have really put a kink in the works when it comes to Billy and Claire’s story if things went a little differently;

7. Shelly;

8. We got a glimpse of Roscoe’s love interest and a taste of what the trope will be for the next book;

9. Shelly;

10. And last but most certainly not least . . . . .

“Do not stop doing that.”

“Can I do other things?”

“Yes. All the things. Do all the things.”

Which led to . . . .


4 Stars. Definitely my fave so far. Until next time . . . .

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