Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre

4 Stars

I was lucky enough to score an ARC of this book, but then never reviewed it because I’m a huge dick. Okay, really it’s because I’m not exactly sure what to say, but that doesn’t negate the fact that I am also a huge dick. All I know is when I saw an Alessandra Torre selection up for request on NetGalley, my reaction was like . . . .

Especially when it came with the disclaimer that it would not be like anything she’s ever written before. She’s not lying. If you are looking for something of the hide-the-salami variety, stay far far away from The Ghostwriter and might I recommend you maybe wander over to something like Moonshot instead. If you like your slap and tickle a little grittier, Sex Love Repeat might be the story for you. Or if you want to really let your freak flag fly and commence with the stabby stabby, The Girl in 6E might be a winner. The Ghostwriter really isn’t like any of those stories – and that’s what makes Torre an instant YES for me. She’s gotta a whole lotta stories in her head.

As for this one? Here’s a teenie little bit of info. Meet Helena . . .

“She’ll rip your heart out, but she doesn’t mean it.”

Helena is a bestselling author. After being delivered a death sentence via her doctor, Helena has one more story to tell . . . .

“The book is about my husband and my daughter. They’re gone. I’m dying. … This is what is important to me. Their story … it’s all that matters to me.”

I will spoil one thing in case anyone’s brain wants to go in the direction mine did. THIS REALLY IS NOT A ROMANCE. Although Helena’s ghostwriter is a man, they do not become romantically involved so just stop your brain before it can even go down that path. This is, however, a love story in a way. It is also a confession and a baring of soul and of healing. I thought maybe only a Torre fangirl could really “get” this one, but then my friend Deanna read it having never read Alessandra Torre before and loved it and I realized I was being the weirdest kind of elitist and trying to keep this author to myself and that is seriously stupid because she has at least one thing for soooooo many readers.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you NetGalley!

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