Thursday, December 21, 2017

In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

3.5 Stars

I haven’t been able to break the “10 reviews behind” mark these last couple of months and since this one already has 10,000 it probably doesn’t need whatever idiocy I can spew out about it to help sell more copies, so I’m going to barf out something real quick here in order to (hopefully) not spend the first half of 2018 trying to play catch up.

In A Dark Dark Wood is a book that I spent the better part of the year waiting for my turn to come around at the library. Miracle of all miracles, somehow I managed to remember that I wanted to read this simply due to the title/cover, but also managed to not spoil myself about anything regarding the story. That’s probably a good thing, because even though in the back of my brain I knew this was a mystery, when I settled down to read it one dreary Saturday morning I got lost in the story and gave zero farts about trying to figure out all of the whos/whens/whats/whys/hows. I was just kind of digging the goings on at the Hen Weekend.

If you’re looking for a real thrill-ride of a book, you might find yourself disappointed. The actual “whodunit” and other reveals were exactly what I thought they would be having watched Lifetime Television for Women for a bigly amount of years. What made this one work was all in the storytelling.

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