Monday, June 12, 2017

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

4 Stars

Usually when I hear word on the street that “such and such book is just the sweetest thing you’ll ever read” my reaction is pretty much . . . .

Lucky for me I didn’t know this was going to be full of such sugary goodness I’d get multiple cavities from it before I attempted (and failed, per usual) to snatch up a NetGalley copy. However, the unavailability of this title didn’t slow me down one bit as I showed the porny library a woman can’t live on smut alone and requested this be purchased (and he/she did because he/she is the best!). And now Mitchell refuses to speak to me because I’m all . . . .

Meet Molly . . . .

“I’ve had crushes on twenty-six people, twenty-five of whom are not Lin-Manuel Miranda. Twenty-three of whom are age-appropriate, real-life, viable crush-objects. Eighteen of whom were definitely single and interested in girls at the time of my crush. And I never even tried. Not even with the ones who talked to me first.”

Molly is like a lot of teenaged girls. Her self-image doesn’t keep her balled up in the fetal position, but she’s never been willing to risk rejection either . . . .

“I guess it’s just this feeling that my body is secretly all wrong. Which means any guy who assumes I’m normal is going to flip his shit if we get to the point of nakedness. Whoa. Nope. Not what I signed up for. It makes me never want to be naked. And it’s not like I could be a Never Nude. I don’t even like jean shorts.”

^^^^And that is when I fell in love, because a Tobias Fünke reference?????

That right there is the key to my heart.

When Molly’s twin sister gets her first girlfriend, Molly comes to the realization that she’s never been rejected because she’s never given anyone the opportunity to reject her – and she has never rejected anyone either. Now if she can only get past “this feeling in my stomach like ribbon curling” and actually, you know, put herself out there a little better than she usually does . . . .

“Hi. Let’s converse about topics.”

I loved every dang page of this book. Molly was a relatable breath of fresh air as a YA voice. Her internal voice was hilarious and had me chuckling out loud multiple times. There was no “insta-love,” but rather a relationship that developed from friendship to more over time. And the message of everyone being allowed to “want whatever you want” was so simple, but oh so true. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise????


Okay, this author wrote Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda which made me grotesquely happy and unrecognizable to all my friends and family a couple of years ago. I'm officially going to read anything this woman puts out there at this point. Old lady brain sucks, but thank god GR helps fill in (some of) the blanks when I am suffering from a severe case of C.R.S.

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