Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas

2.5 Stars

I’m pretty sure this ended up on my Kindle when I went looking for a library book that wasn’t available so this was offered as a suggestion instead . . . . but I’m not positive because – well . . . .

Before I begin I need to apologize to this book for being the next thing I picked up after suffering from a severe bookhangover from Boy’s Life. I’m not sure anything I read would have been able to get me out of the fog that one left me in, but I am fairly certain this still would have just been “meh” for me.

The story here is about Tessa and her former bestie Callie who had a hand in putting a man behind bars for a series of murders of young women back when they were just kids. Fastforward to the present where Tessa has returned to small town Pennsylvania in an attempt to see her inmate father before he dies. While there, another friend goes missing, making Tessa and Callie question whether the man they identified as a serial killer so many years ago was actually innocent.

Sounds pretty decent, right? Unfortunately, things went south for me real quick when Tessa began questioning whether or not her estranged sister could have actually been the killer . . . .

It was pretty clear that was going to end up being a “bait and switch” sort of plotline that would morph into something else – and since this was a thriller that something else would come nearly at the end of the whole book . . . . which it did, but for 200 some pages of all the obvious f*&^ery had me saying . . . .

2.5 Stars for readability, but rounded down because in a week or two I will remember absolutely nothing about this book.

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