Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Postcards from the Edge by Carrie Fisher

4 Stars

Carrie Fisher died today and now the interwebs are exploding with billions of fangirls who never watched a Star Wars movie until the Manic Pixies told them they should. That sounds hateful, but I don't really give a shit mean it to be . (Confession: I'm not a ginormous Star Wars fan myself.) I am a huge Carrie Fisher fan, though, and it's mainly due to this book.

For any of the aforementioned new fans out there, you may soon find out that Carrie Fisher was a daughter of stars (namely Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher). Postcards from the Edge is a semi-autobiographical story of Carrie's adult relationship with her mother after coming out of a stint in rehab. I read this book when I was just a kid in order to prove to myself that being raised by a dysfunctional mother was A-Okay (or at least nothing a little dope couldn't fix - *ba dum ching*). Carrie Fisher became my hero. Not because she kicked ass in a galaxy far far away, but because somehow she managed to kick it just by being herself. When Hollywood snubbed her for daring to get old and *gasp* fat, she reiterated why I adored her by giving them the middle finger (and eventually reprising the role that made her famous). She will eternally be an icon due to Princess Leia, but I think she should be remembered for being a fucking awesome chick in general.

Read this book - or just watch the movie . . . .

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