Friday, February 7, 2014

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

3.5 Stars

Rory’s parents have taken an opportunity to leave the swamps of Louisiana for life in England, so Rory will be attending boarding school. Lucky for her, this is an upper level school that students only attend for two years. Although her Southern accent will make her stand out and there will be a bit of culture shock, at least the students will only have known each other for a max of one year prior to her arrival. Rory finds herself settling in to life across the pond – classes are definitely harder, but she has made a few friends, a potential boyfriend, and they all have a common enemy – Charlotte, the head girl. All that changes when a Jack the Ripper copycat killer comes in to the picture – and Rory seems to be the only one who can see him.

If you have a pulse, you’ve heard about the horrible winter the entire United States has been having. Well, the giant snow dump finally made it to my neck of the woods and we had a couple of snow days. My first reading selection was in the “New Adult” category, which totally mortified my kid whenever he attempted to snag some Kindle time for himself and saw what I was reading. On snow day #2, he insisted (i) I read a paper book so he could play Minecraft for 17 hours straight and (ii) he could choose the book so he wouldn’t walk upstairs to find me 100 pages in to something horrifying like 50 Shades. That’s how I ended up reading The Name of the Star - complete with Dustin Pedroia baseball card/bookmark (sans beard, boo).

I originally grabbed Cloaked, but the kid said that one was crap and this one was good so I should read it instead. And guess what? Junior didn’t steer me wrong. It was good. Good enough that if he chooses to purchase (well, okay, have me purchase) and read book #2 in the series, I just might read it too. An added bonus to reading a pretty true “kid’s book” is you will look like an absolute MENSA member when you figure out what’s going on just a little ahead of time. I was blowing the boy’s mind with my ability to Scooby Doo the heck out of this story. Maybe he’ll remember what a braniac I am and won’t question me when I’m helping him with his homework next week!

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