Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness

4 Stars
Following one of the most bizarro days in my time perusing Goodreads, I find it fitting that I pulled a Patrick Ness book out of the library bag. When so-called “authors” are attempting to cast stones at others who dare to venture out of their assigned genre – I figured it was a perfect time for me to read an author who breaks that boundary each time he puts pen to paper.

I pulled The Crane Wife off the “notable releases” shelf at the library knowing absolutely nothing about it except (i) it shared the name of an old fable; (ii) it was written by Patrick Ness; and (iii) the cover was lovely and inspired by an artist who brings new life to books that would normally be discarded

I’ve had a bit of a miss with Ness’ work (A Monster Calls - don’t shoot me, I know everyone else loved it) and a major hit (More Than This). (FYI – I have had the Chaos Walking trilogy on my TBR for months, but I have been terrified I (once again) won’t looooooove it like all of my friends and I also just hate reading anything that comes in series form.)

Having now read books by Ness from the children’s section, the young adult section, and the adult section of the library/bookstore I can confirm that whether I loved it or just kind of liked it – Ness consistently writes stories that I want to read and his work can’t be pigeonholed.

Ness is an example of how authors should feel about writing. Don’t let yourself be typecast – break down the genre walls. Prove to all of those who say “I would never read young adult” that they will change their mind – just as soon as they read your book. Be a Patrick Ness or J.K. Rowling (or Robert Galbraith, if you must). An author whose name I see on the shelf and immediately pull the book without reading a blurb, synopsis, review, NOTHING. An author whose next release date is marked on my calendar. An author who makes me throw my planned reading list and/or book buying budget out the window because I simply can’t pass up being one of the first people who will read their latest release. I’m not the only crazy person like this – this site (and so many others) are filled with us.

As for The Crane Wife - I have few words. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and real and magical and brilliant and

I think I might be ready to take the plunge and read The Knife of Never Letting Go now.

As for the authors haters out there who are spending so much time and effort belittling other authors or reviewers:

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