Saturday, February 15, 2014

After Dead by Charlaine Harris

0 Stars
Consider this not a review, but more of a public service announcement. Whatever you do – DO. NOT. SPEND. ONE. PENNY. ON. THIS. PIECE. OF. GARBAGE. If you’ve been married to this series since its inception as I have, you will find yourself tempted. I encourage all to not even waste your time reading it. It is truly that – a waste of time. This book has zero new info – just follow-up blips “Where Are They Now” style of everyone ever associated with Bon Temps. The only new info (and I’m not even going to spoiler this, so cover your eyes if you don’t want to know) – is that Harris says we might hear more from Barry the Flippin' Bellboy (GAH!!!!), which basically means, much like a vampire, this series will NEVER DIE UNLESS WE STAB IT IN THE HEART. Or , to take a more realistic approach, stab Harris in the pocketbook and not spend any more hard earned money on this crap.

To everyone involved who won’t just let Sookie fade into the woodwork, please pardon my French, but I have one thing to say:


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