Thursday, September 12, 2013

Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth

4 Stars

The title sums up the subject matter of this book pretty efficiently, so no synopsis is really necessary. I found this to be a mesmerizing read. I was absolutely hypnotized by the tales of horrid living conditions, imprisonment, prostitution, etc., etc., etc. Ms. Worth definitely holds nothing back when looking back on this part of her life.

I had no knowledge that this is a television program until the cover of my book told me. I assume it’s quite fascinating. I’m also not an audiobook person, but I bet this one would be fantastic to listen to – complete with Cockney accents and all.

Quite possibly a 5-star rating, but (i) I find myself getting more nitpicky as I read, (ii) a couple of the stories seemed a little disconnected to the remainder of the book, and (iii) apparently this is a trilogy and I am giving a BIG FAT MIDDLE FINGER to novels that would be perfectly fine solo, but for whatever reason (*cough* money *cough*) authors/publishers decide to break them into more than one book.

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