Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What Happens in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand

3 Stars

When we last met up with the Steele family they had all returned to the United States to recuperate from the shock of dealing with (a) a dead husband/father, (b) a McMansion in St. John no one knew about, (c) a love child (samesies with the no one knew about her part), and (d) various potential romances. In book two it’s pretty much a given there’s going to be a bunch of other crap pop up that wasn’t disclosed in #1. It’s also a given that these folks are headed back to island life ASAP or else there wouldn’t even be the need for a continuation of the story.

If you are familiar with me you know I spend about 95% of my time on Goodreads talking about how I don’t read past the first book in a series. And yet here I am finished with #2 here and anxiously awaiting #3. What can I say?????

In my defense I will say I probably would have never picked up Winter In Paradise if I knew it was going to be a series (and a cliffhangery type of one to boot – GRRRR). But what’s done is done and when I saw this release on the new and notable shelf on a day where it was 30 degrees rather than the near 70 degrees it was supposed to be I said . . . . .

And today it’s snowing . . . . .

Don’t even come at me when I decorate for Christmas this weekend. If it can fucking ice storm before Halloween I can Clark Griswald the crap out of the interior of my own house before Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I’m new to the Elin Hilderbrand Kool-Aid drinkers club, but I assume this is pretty much her typical fare (only set on a different island than her older stuff). This is also pretty typical book two content. These are always what I call the “filler” books. You need additional info to move the story along, but there’s not a whole lot of real action until book three. It also would not work at all as a standalone, but it was a great way to escape reality and didn’t require a lot of thinking on my part which is always a plus. Bring on #3.

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