Monday, October 21, 2019

One Pot Cooking for Two by Linda Kurmiadi

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4 Stars

Just kidding. My life is pretty aiiiiiight. But my kids are super active and also of the age where . . . . .

So every now and again I channel my inner Fantine. One pot cooking I can do. Cooking for two? More like cooking for eight even though there are only four of us. And leftovers? Never heard of her!

I love Rockridge Press cookbooks. They are all the same size so they look real purrrrrty in my hoard the rolling cart I have in my kitchen. Sidenote: Actual footage of me running to Michael’s when everyone started posting pictures of these carts on Instagram . . . .

And, despite not having a bunch of pictures – which is always my preference, this was full of recipes I would actually eat and that were simple to make so it still gets 4 Stars.

Just in case you think I don’t actually cook from the books I receive, here you go . . . .

Underneath all of that Mexican slaw and guac-y goodness you will find one pot pulled pork. Maybe next time I’ll remember to assemble the dinner so the main thing actually shows. But probably not.

Full disclosure here: I receive cookbooks occasionally from Callisto Publisher’s Club in exchange for my honest review. This is one of them.

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