Friday, September 13, 2019

The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

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4 Stars

Quick background before things get started. I have read nearly everything (didn’t move past the first Never Never (if you know me you know I don’t generally do series/serials so that’s not a huge shocker) and the blurb for Folsom didn’t really appeal to me so I haven’t picked that one up yet). Buuuuut Tarryn Fisher is an author who makes me break my own rules and I have read past #1 in a series when it was her writing it and her stuff is all purple (or at least lavender) which frequently makes me get an eye twitch and yet somehow she gets a pass and on and on and on. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut (longer but that time) don’t mistake me for some rabid fangirl. My ratings regarding her stories run the gamut. However, I am always first in line to buy them and yes I said BUY meaning I let the moths out of the handbag whenever there’s a new release because somehow the library hasn’t realized I need instant gratification despite all of my fit throwing and I know even if I don’t luuuuuuuuurv whatever the new release is, it will still be different from what nearly any other author I happen to be reading at the time has written.

All of the above was mentioned because this was the first advanced copy I have ever received of one of Fisher’s books and my reaction was pretty much like a bunch of schoolteachers getting a free car on the Oprah show . . . .

Okay, probably more like this . . . .

Not only because I’m an instant one-clicker when it comes to her stuff, but also because this story? Oh, it’s only one of my most favorite guilty pleasure obsessions E.V.E.R. . . . .

The difference this time???? Rather than sharing all their big love . . . .

(See what I did there?)

“He comes over on Thursday of every week. That’s my day. I’m Thursday.”

Yes please.

You see, there are a Monday and a Tuesday as well. They just don’t know each other. But when information is literally dropped into “Thursday’s” lap via a scrap of paper regarding a woman named Hannah, she can’t help but do a little investigating. And when Hannah exhibits the signs of an abused spouse, Thursday feels like she needs to dig a little further into all of her husband’s marriages – including her own.

Confession: I literally redecorated my deck in order to read this. I’d say it was just a coincidence, but I for real had this book for a week or two waiting on a break in the weather so I could take my coffee outside and just let Tarryn Fisher’s crazy take me wherever it wanted to go. And lemme tell you – I can’t (a/k/a won’t) spoil things, but right about the halfway part I was like . . . .

If you pick this up and think it’s a bit of a slow roller, I advise you to hang in there. I was sucked in right from the start, but the second half is where this baby delivers. 4 Stars worth of crazy yumminess!

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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