Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Looker by Laura Sims

4 Stars

I added this to the TBR after seeing some high ratings from friends. When my turn finally came around at the library and I went to Looker’s Goodreads’ page in order to mark my “Currently Reading” status, I was shocked to see this has a really low rating (for GR, I mean). Good thing I don’t pay attention to what strangers have to say. Also a good thing I don’t read reviews before reading books either because after taking a quick gander it appears a majority of the 1 Stars here have been awarded for one particular scene. I get some things are dealbreakers for readers, but why even choose a book like this at all? You have to assume something superbadawful is going to happen before it’s all done.

Now, about the book. The premise here isn’t necessarily fresh . . . . .

But it is a different spin on things as the main character is one of the look and don’t necessarily touch variety who is slowly yet surely losing her grasp on reality. And lemme tell you something about Laura Sims . . . .

This is a prime example of how not a lot has to happen in a story for it to be completely unputdownable. Heck, she didn’t even bother giving her characters names! With writing as sharp as a blade and not a paragraph wasted due to its compact size, Looker was nothing but win for me.

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