Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Tent by Keelan Patrick Burke

2.5 Stars
I feel bad giving a well-written story low stars, but 2 Stars means I thought it was “okay” and that’s about all I felt. While I’m admittedly not a big fan of the short story or novella, the length of this one was pretty perfect so I have no complaints there. My problem was with the “horror” aspect. When I read something that is pretty clear is going to have a big payoff alllllll the way at the end, I want to feel like this . . .

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Not like this . . .

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And while the bitchy/complain-y camping family were A-Okay by me at the beginning of the story (since I can only imagine how my own bright and sunny demeanor would morph into something unbearable on this camping trip from hell - shut up Jeff and Dan 2.0), by the end I was thinking the tale would have been far more believable if the cast of characters were the stereotypical drunken fratboys and big breasted damsels in distress who run toward danger rather than away from it . . . and wishing for more of those stories makes me a sad old bat . . .

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