Friday, March 6, 2015

Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

4 Stars
“Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink . . .”
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I noticed Not a Drop to Drink still sitting on my “Currently Reading” shelf this morning. Uhhhhh, I read it last Fall. I’m pretty sure I even wrote a review about it . . . but I obviously didn’t bother posting said review anywhere or saving it. I think I need to start taking some Gingko every day for my memory problems : (

Anyway, I read this book a long time ago . . . and I think you all should read it to so I’m posting a review.

Lynn has spent her entire life with her mother on their rural property. In Lynn’s world, leaving the safety of your home, and more importantly your water source, is asking for trouble. Outsiders are automatic enemies. It’s kill or be killed and Lynn has become pretty adept at killing. When Lynn’s situation changes drastically, she has to decide if she too is willing to change. A reluctant trust must be built with her nearest neighbor, Stebbs, in order to survive . . . especially with strangers squatting in the nearby forest.

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This was a humdinger of a book. My favorite dystopian stories are the ones where world building isn’t a requirement, because the world is OUR world . . . just a shittier version. That’s the case here. The world is Lynn’s property, and you don’t need anything more than that. This book was intense. Seriously edge-of-your-seat reading at times. It took everything I typically hate about YA and simply “disappeared” it. Aside from the no bad world building, there is also no instalove, and there is no flowery prose and characters who talktalktalktalk like no human you’ve ever met. In fact, I think what makes this book so striking is how sparse the writing is. What is said is what needs to be said. No fluff. No filler. And Lynn? Lynn isn’t your typical young adult heroine like this:

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Nope, she kicks ass and doesn’t generally bother taking names . . . but occasionally she’ll take some boots, or coat, or something else she finds useful. Even though this book is marked #1 in a series (GOD GIVE ME CANCER BEFORE I READ ANOTHER FREAKING SERIES!!!!), the ending is completely satisfying so you can just pretend there isn’t going to be another book.

Highly recommended to young adults and old adults alike.

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