Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mosquitoland by David Arnold

2 Stars
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Hey look, it's a book everyone else is apparently rating 4 or 5 Stars. That means I'll love it, right?

I guess I missed the memo that stated orange is no longer the new black. Apparently orange has been replaced with mental illness. Mosquitoland was (unintentionally) the third book I've read in two weeks that tried to tackle the "crazy" . . .


However, there is one thing that seems to always earn a 5 Star rating from me:

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Road Trip!!!!! I love road trips. Unapologetically. Add on to that a bunch of Chicago Cubs references and I was thinking "does it even get any better?!?!?!?!?"

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Sadly, it does. It gets a lot better than Mosquitoland. The writing wasn't awful and I read the entire book in three hours, but it was just so "meh." I didn't like Mim, the plot was completely predictable, heck I was almost begging for some instalove in order to add some kind of depth to Mim and Beck's relationship. For me, this book was the equivalent of eating unbuttered toast - it's probably not going to make you chuck in a bucket, but you don't really enjoy it either. However, everyone else seems to love it, so maybe it's just me?

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