Friday, September 5, 2014

The Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice

3 Stars
"Magic withheld gives birth to nightmares, and so I have no choice but to stand back, open my heart and let the heavens rise."
The Heavens Rise
might just be the scariest thing to come out of the swamp since

Have you read the synopsis yet? You haven’t? Good. DON’T! This book could have possibly been 4 Stars if the f-ing blurb didn’t spoil the whole damn story for me. The big reveal/“dun dun dunnnnnnnn” moment doesn’t happen until the 61% mark. WTF??? It might as well say “don’t bother reading the 300+ pages contained in this book ‘cause the handy-dandy synopsis will tell you EVERYTHING that’s going to happen in a few simple paragraphs.

Now that that is out of my system, herewego . . .

Nearly 10 years ago Nikki Delongpre’s family vanished while on their way to a housewarming get-together at “Elysium” – their newly renovated dream home in Bayou Rabineaux. Nikki’s disappearance left her best friend Ben, her boyfriend Anthem, and all of their unanswered questions behind. It also left behind something else – an ancient parasite which gives its victim the ability to possess and control the minds of others.

Scary, right????

I have had this book for nearly a year. Due to the *ahem* attitudes *ahem* a certain person who shall not be named has expressed about reviewers, I just couldn’t make myself read this one. However, I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and get through all of my old ARCs, so I decided to suck it up, disregard the sins of the mother, and go for it.

I’m glad I did. The Heavens Rise is what Beautiful Creatures and Dangerous Creatures could have been if it they weren’t so busy being giant pile of turds instead. The mystery (if you can call it that after reading the spoilerific synopsis) was intriguing, the bad guy was creepy, the supernatural stuff was a fresh twist rather than a regurge of the same ol’ same ol’, the main characters were in their mid-20s (perfect for both YA and adult readers), and dare I forget to mention Marissa, a character who will easily go down as one of my top 10 faves of 2014.

ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 
Thank you, NetGalley!

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