Thursday, September 18, 2014

The 100 Society by Carla Spradbery

3 Stars

What’s your favorite scary movie, errrrrrr, I mean book?????

It all starts with Grace, a 6th form student at boarding school who has never quite lived up to her super-surgeon-father’s expectations. In an effort to make a name for herself, Grace decides to become one of the “100 Society” (an elite group of art students who can manage to tag 100 various locations throughout the city) and recruits a group of friends to help accomplish this monumental task. If they fail, they risk expulsion – succeed and they’ll become legends.

None of the friends could have ever predicted how high the stakes would get when a new tagger appears leaving the ominous message “Let the Games Begin,” which winds up being more than a little reminiscent of:

Now it’s up to Cassie to figure out who leaves the Reaper mark, before he wipes the group out one by one.

Seriously, throw everything you think you know about gooooood books out the window and appreciate this one for what it is – a mash-up of several different scary movies (only not quite as awesome – hence the 3 Stars).

This book was pure guilty pleasure type of entertainment for me. We’re talking about a cast of dumb broads who run UP the damn staircase rather than out the unlocked front door when the bad guy is coming for them

and couples who watch their friends get maimed/killed, but still think it’s been a “not so bad” week and that it’d be saaaa-weeeeeeeet to “do it” rather than finding the psycho who has promised to murder them all

and even though the killer was prrrrrrreeeeeeeetttttty dang obvious to me from the get-go, I still enjoyed the crap out of this one. Much like I did with:

Recommended to????? Anyone who could picture Jennifer Love Hewitt’s heaving breasts while reading this review or wished Ryan Phillipe would be in some more movies where he takes his shirt off:

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