Friday, September 12, 2014

100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

5 Stars
“Sometimes books imitate life. And sometimes books imitate lives that imitate books.”

How do I even summarize 100 Sideways Miles? Rather than blubber all over the page, I’m going to use the author’s own words to tell you what it’s about: “A story involving alien visitors from outer space, an epileptic kid who doesn’t really know where he came from, knackeries and dead horses falling a hundred sideways miles, abandoned prisons, a shadow play, moons and stars, and jumping from a bridge into a flood.”

Andrew Smith:

I mean, your destiny.

THIS book is a prime example of why I get really torked off when people say Young Adult selections are only for young adults. Pigeonhole yourself into believing that bunk and you’ll miss out some great stuff. Stuff like what comes out of Andrew Smith’s head. He’s damn good. He writes honest, relatable, believable teenagers in realistic situations. He makes you laugh and he makes you cry (sometimes simultaneously). He’s not a believer in insta-love, but he does recognize that 17-year old boys will experience “insta-lust.” He writes an excellent best friend. He makes old codgers like myself feel young again. “Imagine that.”

"Life goes on. Twenty miles per second." It only took me about half a million miles to read this book - I just couldn’t put it down. This is my third go ‘round with Andrew Smith and it’s easily the best. His words are like magic:

“We sailed along, wrapped wholly and firmly together, flying twenty miles, twenty miles, twenty miles, twenty miles. And in that turning, unfolding, opening, I forgot everything about me.”

and I anxiously wait for more.

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