Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Go Home, Oaxaca, You're Drunk by Jason Koivu

4 Stars
As someone whose only venture outside of the United States was making the hop, skip, and jump from San Diego down to the vendor market in Tijuana as a small child, the idea of reading someone’s travel log has really never been my idea of a great time. Sidenote: You know what sounded like a super great time when I was on that vacation? A dog and pony show. What little kid doesn’t love dogs and ponies. Boy, did I spend the rest of the day internally cursing those bastards (a/k/a my family) for refusing to take me to see the show – and to do so without even giving me a proper explanation why??? Worst. Family. Ever.

Anywho . . . I decided to give Go Home, Oaxaca. You're Drunk a shot because (1) it was free, (2) it was written by a totally non-pushy friend who only made like one post offering it up to anyone who wanted to read it, (3) it was free, (4) said non-pushy author friend is funny, so I hoped his book would be too, and (5) it was free.

Being as I am a cheap bastard, the price was definitely spot on, but the great news is I got waaaaay more than my money’s worth. Jason is funny and has a delightful, dry, double entendre-filled wit that had me chuckling out loud on several occasions. He’s also more than a little self-depricating, which was wonderful to see rather than the typical “a$$hole American” who ventures outside the good ol’ U-S-of-A thinking the rest of the world should cater to his every need. In fact, Jason is so polite that he attempts to learn various niceties like please and thank you when he travels abroad. Me? I’m going to stick to the actual important phrases like: “Where’s the toilet? I’m about to have explosive diarrhea.”

Recommended to? Well, obviously to people who enjoy traveling/reading travel journals. Also, to people like myself who don’t go anywhere but the couch, but miss the antics of Anthony Bourdain. What else are you going to do? Sit around and watch stuff like this?????

Yes, the author is a friend of mine. No, I didn’t let that influence how I wrote this review. I’m a human – not a Fiverr

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