Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

4 Stars
(read in May 2014)

Caroline is stoked about moving to a new fabulous apartment. Reasonable rent and a fantastic San Francisco location? It almost makes her forget about the certain something that has been missing from her life for some time now . . .

However, the reality of the relationship between Caroline and her “O” comes right back to the forefront when she meets hears her new neighbor for the first time. Simon is someone who can really shake the bed

and he seems to have an endless stream of willing partners who express their ummmmm gratitude for his prowess with enthusiastic chants of his name and . . . meowing? WTF is going on over there????

After several sleepless nights due to Simon’s extracurriculars and an inability to take care of some much needed business (if you know what I mean - *wink wink*), Caroline decides enough is enough and confronts her noisy neighbor. What follows is a delightful little romantic comedy about Caroline and Simon’s love/hate relationship that eventually ends with the big shebang.

If you would told me when I started this book that I would give it a 4 Star rating, I would have assumed you recently moved to Denver and were enjoying the newly relaxed law. I mean, seriously, I’m a b^&*% when it comes to rating books. I’m also someone who picks up a “naughty” book once every few months and generally finds myself disappointed with all of the clich├ęs and raunchy sex scenes (gross ain’t sexy, authors – please take note) and rushes through it as quickly as possible to end my suffering.

Wallbanger caught my eye with the title and the cover art (how could it not, right?) and how it kept popping up over and over and over again on my feed. But I’m not one to quickly be swayed by a rush of readers and I’m really not one to fork over $6.99 on a dirty eBook that I figure is probably going to be shit, so I resisted. Then May came and the pool opened and I wanted to read something dirty and seven bucks didn’t seem like such a waste anymore. Turns out the $7 wasn’t a waste. This book was just what I wanted. It had a good plot, it made me laugh out loud multiple times, it wasn’t nasty and it had an awesome judgmental cat as one of the main characters. I too have an awesome judgmental cat. Here’s the look he gives me when I’m reading pornography:

Bottom line is, if you’re looking for something a little naughty that is a lot heavier on the story and really lacking in the bada-bing (seriously, these two don’t get it on until the last 25 pages), this may be for you. Don’t say I didn’t warn though, though, by the end of the book you may feel more than a little sexually frustrated. . .

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