Thursday, April 17, 2014

Torn Away by Jennifer Brown

4 Stars
ARC received from NetGalley. Thank you NetGalley!!!!

Jersey lost everything in the tornado. Her house, her sister, her mother. Her entire life was changed in a matter of moments. With all of her wordly possessions able to fit in a backpack, Jersey is sent to live with family she has never known

and has to come to terms with her family’s true history.

I read this one a couple of weeks ago and somehow never got around to writing a review. Today I log on to Facebook to stalk see this:

Shame on me for not posting a review as soon as I finished Torn Away. Heck, when I received my ARC Jennifer Brown was out doing this:

which popped this little baby right to the top of the to-read pile.

I can’t say enough about Jennifer Brown. Not only is she maybe one of the nicest humans on the planet, but she writes really good stuff for young adults. Her books always deal with important/controversial topics that need to be addressed, but walk that fine boundary line of remaining okay for the younger set to read.
Go buy her stuff. It's time to reward all the "authors behaving goodly" (yeah, goodly isn't a word - but I'm using it anyway). 

As always, I will add my disclaimer: If you have not yet read anything by Jennifer Brown, make sure you save The Hate List for last. It is by far one of the best YA - screw the YA moniker - one of the best novels PERIOD I have read and makes her other books (that are really solid stories themselves) pale in comparison.

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