Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan

Since I’m a huge Levithan fangirl, I got myself prepared to write this review by deciding to flag every “definition” that made me feel something while I was reading. Well, I definitely felt some things and flagged all some of the pages . . .

My feelings ranged from magical

like in the definitions of cache and gingerly and meander and posterity and rifle and sacrosanct and transient and unabashedly and woo and yesterday

to amused like in the definitions of candid and celibacy and deciduous and non sequitor and qualm

to honest like in the definitions of commonplace and epithet and inadvertent and perfunctory and recant and ubiquitous

to feeling as if I had been punched in the gut

like in the definitions for abyss and breach and dispel and fast and gamut and happenstance and jerk and livid and quixotic and raze and serrated and zenith

Levithan’s words move me like no other and I’m unapologetically in love with his writing.

What can I say? I might just be his #1 Fan.

“Measure the hope of that moment, that feeling. Everything else will be measured against it.”

Whenever I finish a David Levithan book, I find myself measuring other authors against him. Authors who I truly enjoy and would normally get recommended get thrown to the wayside so I can tell my friends to read Levithan instead. (Especially Two Boys Kissing. Drop whatever you are reading and go read Two Boys Kissing.)

“No matter how many words there are, there will never be enough.”

I am so enamored with Levithan’s writing that I am consciously spacing out his books and not allowing myself to consume them all because I know the above quote will hold true.

In an effort to avoid being sued by the author for republishing his work in its entirety while desperately attempting to convey my feelings in this review, I’m throwing in the towel and just telling you to read The Lover’s Dictionary. And then read everything else by David Levithan (even Every Day, which I didn’t much care for).

Oh, and one more thing. We should invent more words that begin with X.


  1. Embarrassingly, I haven't read a single book by Levithan... And every time I'm reminded, I always pound myself on the head for not having done so!
    So, I will go straight to the book store on Monday and do my very best to find one of his books and get started :)
    Thanks for reminding me once again!

  2. You're quite welcome : )

    Two Boys Kissing is the Levithan that should be read by everyone.