Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Fever by Megan Abbott

ARC received from NetGalley. Thank you NetGalley!!!!

3.5 Stars

When a popular high school girl suffers a seizure in class, her friends worry about what could possibly be wrong. When she is taken to the hospital, put in isolation, and other girls start experiencing the same symptoms, the entire town starts to panic. What could possibly be striking down these girls in the prime of their lives? Why is it only girls? Is it a side effect from HPV vaccinations? A tainted water supply? Or is it something more sinister?

Boy does Megan Abbott know how to capture the spirit of teenaged girls. Sugar and spice and everything nice . . .

Yep, that pretty much sums up my delightful real-life exchanges with this particular demographic.

Abott is sooooooo far ahead of the curve when it comes to taking the insufferable teen

to the next level

Reading Abbott’s work always makes me think of a few things I’m thankful for:

1. I’m thankful that I have stopped interchanging Megan Abbott with Meg Cabot when recommending books to co-workers' young children. You lose friends REALLY quickly when you confuse the author of The Princess Diaries with the author of Dare Me;

2. I’m grateful for having children with outies rather than innies; and

3. I’m sooooo appreciative that I did not know Ms. Abbott in high school. I’m terrified to think any of her characters may have been inspired from personal experience . . .

Highly recommended to anyone looking for an author who really pushes the envelope when it comes to the boundaries of Young Adult, who writes a story with tons of suspense and characters you love to hate.

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