Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perfect Escape by Jennifer Brown

4 Stars.

Kendra has spent her entire life trying to be perfect in order to compensate for the fact that her brother, Grayson, isn’t. Grayson’s crippling OCD has always been the focus of the family – until now. Kendra’s perfect world is about to come crashing down around her and for once, the blame can’t be put on Grayson. Kendra decides to run away from her problems and take Grayson along so he can hopefully run away from his too.

I love a good road trip story. This was really enjoyable. The first Jennifer Brown I read was "Hate List" which was dark and shocking. Although this is not a happy-go-lucky little novel, it was much lighter than Hate List, and I was pleased that I liked it just as much. The sibling relationship/being in the shadow of the other/etc. were all very believable.

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