Friday, May 1, 2020

Close Enough to Touch by Colleen Oakley

5 Stars

“When it comes to timing, love doesn’t give a flying fuck.”
Yesterday I was all like . . . .

And declaring my love for all things unlovable and stabby and druggy and culty and on and on and today I’m . . . . . .

I know, I know . . . .

My only excuse Fridays are for fluff and I totally woke up yesterday thinking it was Friday - and trust when I tell you that today I have a MAJOR sad that it’s Friday 2.0 because unlike my pals Craig and Smokey . . . . .

I do have a job and it requires me sitting and waiting in my “home office” for potential work requests when it is 80 degrees and sunny outside. If you’re in the same boat and are looking for an escape, this might be just what the doctor ordered (well, that and a shot of Lysol to disinfect your insides).

Close Enough to Touch is the story of Jubilee who was diagnosed with an allergy to human touch as a child and upon graduating high school . . . .

“I didn’t really go anywhere. I just sort of stayed in my house.”

“What – for a couple of months?”

“A little longer.”

“How long?”

“Nine years.”

When Jubilee’s mother dies (as well as the support checks she’s been sending Jubilee all that time) she’s forced to re-enter the world. It’s there that she finds a job, finds friends and finds Eric and Aja – a duo who share their own story in alternating chapters throughout the book.

This is a story that will make smiling your favorite. If you love quirky stories about life with a smidge of love thrown in, this is sure to be a winner. All the stars.

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