Friday, August 16, 2019

Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane

4 Stars

Per usual, I didn’t know much about this one before beginning other than it was about a woman who decides to visit four of her long-time friends individually over the course of the book and that my own real life friend Regina recommended it to me. I assumed the main character was most likely dying of some terminal disease since I’m nothing if not consistently bleak in my outlook on things. Turns out this was another selection that teaches the importance of living to a socially awkward semi-recluse and that our leading lay May was not going to succumb to some sort of horrific cancer at the end, but find a new lease on life instead.

For some reason all of my notes and quotes and highlights have gone poof in the night for this one so I don’t have much to offer as far as persuading y’all to add it to your TBR . . . .

As the synopsis says, this is what May believes to be her own personal Odyssey. A flipping of the script, if you will, should Penelope have ventured out rather than waiting at home for Odysseus. May is a lover of words and a lover of plants. She lives in the moment and appreciates the realness/messiness of life rather than that which is presented via social media. She’s not for everyone and neither is this story. It is very much an observational novel, for lack of a better term. If you want action and plot twists, this most likely isn’t going to wind up a favorite. But if you just like to be in someone else’s headspace for a little bit – maybe someone you discover you can relate to far more than you ever imagined when starting the story – May might be a character you won’t soon forget and hopefully you’ll be inspired to reconnect with your own “fortnight friends” . . . .

Not to be confused with Fortnite Friends . . . .

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