Thursday, August 15, 2019

Mine by Courtney Cole

1 Star

You ever have the experience when you run into an acquaintance at the grocery store or in an elevator or a parking lot or some other random public place and ask what you feel is a pretty benign question like “how’s it going?” only to have that person fucking UNLEASH their life on you and tell you all about their cheating husband and demise of their marriage and you’re all like . . . .

Or you respond with something like “we got a new cat” because you don’t know how to communicate like a normal human to begin with and especially when you get word vomit all over you? Yeah, that’s what reading this book was like.

So, here are the things I knew about this one before I started:

1. It was all over Instagram;

2. It was a revenge story; and

3. It took place in the penis of America Florida during an oncoming hurricane.

What I didn’t know was that this author had a cheating spouse and decided to put pen to paper in order to work out her feelings. Ummmmm, maybe she should have chosen therapy instead or . . . .

Or at least . . . .

Because this was just turrrrrrrrible.

The plot itself was one that had me channeling my inner Ron 2.0, because . . . .

No, Nic. It’s “RIDICULOUS™.” But I love some trashy Lifetime shit every once in a while so I was totally game to give this one a shot. Unfortunately, it lost me by the 13% mark when our betrayed leading lady uttered the phrase:


The farfetched plot I could maybe overlook. The godawful dialogue and story progression I could not. I can’t believe this wasn’t self-pubbed.

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