Friday, May 31, 2019

Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson

4.5 Stars

Before we begin, let’s talk about this cover for a second . . . .

Now that that is out of the way, we can talk about the book – kinda – maybe. Per usual, this is one full of spoiley spoils I want to barf out all over the place and twists and reveals that if you knew about them beforehand would ruin all the fun of reading it, so I can’t say much.

What I will say is nosey neighbor meets the new people next door and immediately comes to the conclusion the hubs is a serial killer?????

I mean for real. I could read a book a week with this plotline. And should I ever run out of books? That’s what Shia Labeouf is for . . . . .

Well, that and this . . . .

But that’s more of a spank bank type of experience rather than a stabby one.

Where was I? Oh yeah this book I can’t talk about. I picked this one up because I enjoyed The Kind Worth Killing okay and wanted to give Swanson another go. I was not disappointed. You have the potentially murdery new guy, the neighborhood Nancy Drew sticking her nose into things she should probably leave alone, and to top it all off she’s not a particularly reliable narrator . . . .

“I was sure it was schizophrenia, because of your uncle. But turns out you’re just batshit crazy like everyone else in this family.”

However, at times she’s pretty entertaining . . . .

“What were you talking about with Matthew Dolamore?”

“He kills people,” she said.


“That’s not news. I’ve already told you that.”

I will say that I did see the big reveal coming, but I still sucked this down like a fat girl me with cake . . . .


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