Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris

2 Stars
Boy oh boy this one really left me in a quandary.

I read this book a while ago . . . and it gave me a sad so I didn’t write a review. My love for Amy Sedaris goes back a long time. Before she was all cute on “Elf” or doing guests spots on my new fave T.V. show “Broad City”

I loved her as Jeri Blank. Totally inappropriate, menopausal, high school student, Jeri Blank.

I wasn’t prepared to not love this book. I had to take some time and come to terms with what I was feeling.

I mean, Amy Sedaris is hilarious. Even without a series of her own or roles in movies, she’s always being invited on the late night talk shows. And you know why???? Because she does things like make treats that look like cat s*^t when she’s on Fallon:

or allows Coco to bash her upside the head:

For a solid 15 years of me being a fan, Amy has always been so uproariously funny – never taking herself seriously. Unfortunately her book kind of does. There are intro pages to the various types of dining occasions and some pages of random anecdotes and various craft projects that bring the ha-ha, but for the most part this is just a bad cookbook. A REALLY bad cookbook (and trust me when I say I don’t need any more help being a bad cook *ba-dum ching*). It was all just . . .

So it is with heavy heart I write this review. Amy – please know I still love you (and your brother David). I will gladly wear you as a skin suit grovel at your feet and beg to be your BFF, should we ever meet.

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