Friday, November 8, 2013

More Than This by Patrick Ness

5 Stars
First things first, let’s get some preliminaries out of the way.  To begin with, don’t let the YA categorization fool you.  This is a book for all ages.  If YA isn’t your typical genre, have no worries – this ain’t Twilight.  No one is sparkly.  It’s not angsty.  It’s more than this and I was:

This books falls into the “I WANT TO TELL EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE ABOUT IT AND MIGHT HAVE TO PHYSICALLY COVER MY MOUTH IN ORDER TO STOP THE SPOILAGE FROM JUST SPEWING FORTH”.  Thank goodness for a husband who doesn’t like to read.  I told him EVERYTHING.  I still want to tell everyone else, though, too : (
In an effort to save me from myself, I’ll just say a few things and use Patrick Ness’ own words to do so. 
“A book [is] a world all on its own.  A world made of words, where you live for a while.”  That’s what More Than This was to me.  A world that I could not separate myself from.  A world that I submersed myself in and remained until the very last of the 472 pages was consumed. 
This was a book that had me constantly thinking: “This place might be one thing.  Or it might be another.  Or it might even be something completely unguessed.”
A book that continually reminded me:  “There’s always more than this.  There’s always something you don’t know.”
A book that taught me:  “Everyone thinks they know what’s best.  Everyone. … Sometimes you need to find out that you don’t.”
A book that at the end of it all was about people:  “Weak and strong and they make mistakes, like anyone.” 
And love:  “Love and care have all kinds of different faces, and within them, there’s room for understanding, and for forgiveness, and for more.”
And more:
“More and more and more.”

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