Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

1 Star

Serious question, WTF is Sutter Keely’s medical diagnosis. No one in the world can be this big of a dickface without falling somewhere on the spectrum of mental illness. The synopsis is, Sutter is a "party boy" a/k/a huge f-ing boozey loser who has absolutely ZERO self awareness. This means he has no idea he is the butt of the joke rather than the life of the party. He meets a total nerdo (complete with a wardrobe of horse t-shirts – I mean really?) and proceeds to drag her on a downward spiral with him.

This book sucked. With all the wonders like Green, Levithan, Rowell, Chbosky, etc. that exist in the world of YA romance with serious undertones, why would anyone want to waste their time on such a one-dimensional P.O.S. like Sutter Keely???

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