Monday, October 21, 2019

Heaven, My Home by Attica Locke

4 Stars

Since I’m currently reading my second continuation of a series for 2019, despite my never-ending-commentary that . . . . .

I figured it was well past time to finally write something up about this. (Still 40 reviews behind, though, so go me!) As soon as I heard there was going to be a sequel to Bluebird, Bluebird I wanted it. I will say that is not a selection that works well as a standalone, so if you are like me and kind of allergic to staying with the same folks for too long this might not be a winner for you. I will also admit that due to there being so much continuation of the first book’s storyline into the second the rating took a hit for me too. I don’t have a great memory, I read A LOT of books and I don’t re-read. That doesn’t always make for a winning recipe when it comes to books two, three and so-on (which is why I avoid them like the black plague). So why the exception here??? Well, mainly because . . . . .

Attica Locke is simply one of the best when it comes to putting you in a place. She is from the locale she writes about and you can tell. She knows where the bend is in the river and she knows who is going to live down yonder on any such spot of land – even if they are fictional. Her words aren’t wasted. They get you where she wants to take you and they do it efficiently. And the stories? Well, I knew nothing going in to this aside from it was going to be about a missing child and . . . .

My mind immediately assumed the child was black since I couldn’t figure out why Texas Ranger Darren Matthews would be sent down Highway 59 to deal with the Aryan Brotherhood . . . .

But then I discovered the child was white and Darren was sent to deal with the older residents of town (who were black) and that there was a whooooooooooooooooole lotta stuff going on back in the sticks.

The best compliment I can give to Attica Locke is that she reminds me a bit of Dennis Lehane. She writes a good mystery, she fills it with memorable characters, she’s not unwilling to get dark, no one is a saint - and most of all, she takes you there.

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