Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Saga Volume One by Brian K. Vaughan - Artwork by Fiona Staples

5 Stars
After months of temper tantrum throwing at the local bibliothek about them not having any copies of Saga in circulation, I finally managed to score Volume 1 at the local Half Price Book store (and because of a coupon I got it for the bargain basement price of $3.20 – HOLLA!). Then Goodreads’ resident Queen of all Things . . . oh wait, that’s Oprah . . . Queen of Comics, Anne, said she was up for a buddy read. Being that EVERYONE loved this and I tend to hate everything that anyone else enjoys, coupled with the fact that I’m pretty much a graphic novel virgin I was all . . .

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but Anne was all . . .

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So I put on my big girl underdrawers and prepared myself for whatever outcome was to be - ANDOHMYGODTHISMIGHTBETHEBESTTHINGI’VEEVERREAD!!!!! Whew! Now that that is out of my system, here’s my “review.”

“It was a time of war. Isn’t it always?”

Saga takes us to the future where the current war is between the “horns” and the “wings.” The story starts with a bang straight from the jump where we find our leading lady Alana experiencing the . . . uhhhhhh “miracle of life” . . .

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the parents are of the star-crossed lover variety since she’s sporting some wings and he’s rocking horns. New daddy Marko barely has time to gnaw through the umbilical cord before Coalition Forces are banging down the door demanding the duo either surrender or die. Lucky for them, one of Shelby’s buddies comes along to save the day . . .

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and offers them a map to the “Rocketship Forest” . . .

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(Alright, alright, so it’s not a map that looks like three turds, but when am I ever gonna get a chance to use that image again? Amiright or amiright?)

Alana and Marko better hurry, though, ‘cause there are some serious bad mamma jammas on their tail. During the trek to the hopefully-not-completely-made-up Rocketship Forest, we discover that Alana is totally kickass and Marko is a bit pathetic – much like one of my other favorite couples . . .

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and that they eventually might come across something called the “HORRORS” . . .

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Terrifying right?

Lana learns a bit more about Marko’s past and they finally decide on the baby’s name . . .

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(Ha! Just kidding)

We also get to experience a lil sumthin sumthin on the planet Sextillion . . .

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And just when Alana and Marko think they might be in the clear, the most terrifying foe a young couple ever has to battle arrives making for the BEST. ENDING. EVER. which makes reading of Volume 2 100% necessary and I prepare myself to stomp my feet once again until I get a copy.

If you haven’t read this WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!?! Don’t like graphic novels? Doesn’t matter. Don’t like alien stories? Doesn’t matter. Don’t like babies? Yeah, me either but this one is super cute. Saga is the only thing I’ve ever read since joining Goodreads that lived up to all the hype. It was perfection.

Oh, I almost forgot the part where I’m supposed to pretend I know anything about artwork. Okay . . . ummmmmmm, I liked it. Especially stuff like this . . .

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Also? I would like a Lying Cat for my birthday . . .

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Thanks in advance.

You still here? GOOOOOO! Straight to the library or comic book store or wherever and get your copy. Just don’t let your kid read it. There’s much alien sexytimes and, well . . .

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  1. Aw, Kelly! If this wasn't already at the top of the TBR mountain, it just shot another 50 levels up! :)