Sunday, March 22, 2015

Confess by Colleen Hoover

4 Stars
I bought Confess because with a coupon it was only $4. I read it yesterday because it was 70 degrees, sunny, I had finished my other book, and I was waiting for baseball practice to end. I didn't expect to actually, you know, like it . . .

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Confess is Auburn and Owen's story. Auburn needs a second job in order to make such much needed cash. Owen is in a bind and needs an assistant ASAP to help with his art show. After successfully navigating through the evening the two go out for a drink to celebrate. They can't deny there is an attraction, but are both adult enough to realize the skeletons in their closets are of the big-boned variety and present unrealistic obstacles upon which to start any sort of relationship. But one weekend couldn't hurt, right?

^^^ That is a shitty synopsis and one that would make me go . . .

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Sorry : ( You'll just have to trust me when I say it was pretty dang good.

Being NA, there are a few things that must be required subject matter (is there a handbook or something?): (1) things are not what they seem and the relationship is ill-fated; (2) there will be some instalove; and (3) someone will have a stupid name. Those items usually mean I'll rage out all over the review space. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad for me (seriously - Auburn? that's horrible) so I'm giving this one 4 Stars. 4 Stars???? Who am I??????

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No, that's not it.

Maybe this was a case of right place/right time, but I really enjoyed Confess and didn't put it down until I was finished (I even cooked dinner with the damn thing in my hand). Although there was a bit of instalove (Imma tame that term down and call it "instaconnection" here because these two weren't moving in together or anything totally idiotic after one date), you get hints that there's some reason behind it. The "drama" that the characters go through in order to attempt to reach their HEA didn't seem forced or fabricated like so many other NA storylines either. And the love scenes weren't stupid dry-humping make-out sessions over and over again, but perfectly timed and perfectly sweet - like a giant sprinkle donut . . .

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I'm also not one to have "book boyfriends," but having a normal dude rather than some crazy ass alpha male as the MC made me rethink my stance on the matter. Add on to that the "confessions" provided by CoHo fans be used as the inspiration behind the artwork was simply brilliant. Owen, I want you to paint me like one of your French girls - but take your shirt off first . . .

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I assume I shall return to my usual crotchety-hating-on-everything self soon. I better if I ever want Mitchell to speak to me again : (

Disclosure regarding my relationship with the author: I don't know Colleen Hoover at all, but I kinda cyberstalk her just a wee lil' bit on Facebook and find her attitude towards reviewers delightful. So delightful, in fact, that I own nearly all of her books but have been terrified to read them thinking I would hate them. I have, however, always been ready in case she ever needs a new friend (and her pig head) to make a "big eye video" or break into Harry Connick, Jr.'s tour bus. Those offers still stand.    

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