Monday, July 20, 2020

Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney

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3.5 Stars

Can I take a minute to address the absolute brilliance of an author who refuses to EVER use a quotation mark writing a book entitled Conversations With Friends that almost completely consists of conversations . . . . .

Oh Sally Rooney to you I can only say WERK KWEEN . . . . .

(I didn’t really pull that off, did I????)

Anyway, this one wasn’t quite as mind-blowing as Normal People, but at this point I feel pretty confident saying if Rooney writes it, Imma probably read it. I like broken people and not-really-okay romantic entanglements the way she delivers them. Sometimes it’s just nice to read something where you don’t have to like the characters or their actions in order to still become fully invested in the story.

I started this while waiting for my kids’ nine millionth baseball game of the year to start because I had a paper copy and the glare was so horrific there was no way I could read any of my Kindle options. I figured it would pass the hour warm-up period and I would put it away easily. That was not the case. Instead I read this cover to cover and someone had to give me a shove whenever my kid came up to bat because I was pretty much in a trance.

Not for everyone, but it was certainly for me . . . .

Can you tell I have fallen into a Parks and Recreation black hole this 97th week of quarantine????

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