Monday, April 20, 2020

One Of Us Is Next by Karen McManus

2 Stars

Is lockdown making anyone else do crazy things???? Like convincing yourself you have to read ALLLLLLLL of the library books because at some point you won't have time to read? Or that you’ll really like a sequel despite spending pretty much your entire existence avoiding sequels? Yeah, me too.

Much like my opinion of nearly all “seconds” in a series, I felt this one was unnecessary. Especially seeing that this author has already proven to not be just a one-hit-wonder with Two Can Keep a Secret. The synopsis here is some characters from the first book return for the second and this time around a game will be used in order to uncover the players’ dirty little secrets . . . .

The problem? One Of Us Is Lying worked because it was an homage to The Breakfast Club. This one didn’t have any of those nostalgic vibes and instead falls flat as just another YA mystery. Teens may very well love it, but this oldster found herself really feeling her Captain Murtaugh vibes . . . .


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