Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Our Little Secret by Roz Nay

4 Stars

“You can’t get in trouble for thinking things. Because if you could, wouldn’t everyone in the world be in jail?” I knew NOTHING about this book before requesting it from the library other than the title. That was enough for me. It popped up on the “recommended to you” front page of the website and I assumed it would be some sort of mystery/psychological thriller since it didn’t have a nekkid feller on the cover (because apparently those are pretty much the only two types of books I request). Having now read it, is it wrong that I would lean toward putting this on the romance shelf????

Oh stuff it, God Warrior.

The book even says . . . .

“What love story ends in a police station interview room?”

“You’d be surprised.”

(^^^^That was probably the point where I realized this was going to receive many of the Starzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.)

Our Little Secret is the story of what takes place during the hours while Angela is being interrogated regarding a missing person. As Angela states . . . .

“I’m telling this like it’s the beginning of a love story; I’m catering to your needs as a listener. But we both know that’s not where the narrative’s heading, right? I mean, it’s bound to get much darker – why else would I be telling it in a police interview room?”

And no I haven’t been dabbling in all the meth I like in my fiction when I say it reads like a romance – because it does. Angela tells the story of how she met HP, and their friendship and eventually their love . . . and then some other stuff and things . . . .

I got so wrapped up in Angela and HP’s story that I completely forgot that someone was missing and I wasn’t reading a romance. And even better? I didn’t care if the big reveal was done with bells and whistles, or straightforward and simple, or a complete red herring – I was able to sit back and just enjoy the ride. Bonus: For those who aren’t fans of the wibbly wobbly timeline, this one doesn’t have it. It’s simply Angela telling her story from past to present with no timehops.

Thanks for the rec, pornbrary! You never steer me wrong.

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