Friday, December 27, 2013

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

4 Stars
(Read at Thanksgiving, but I'm a lazy slacker and just now did the review)

Cormoran Strike figured he’d be in the military for life. An I.E.D. in Afghanistan had other thoughts. Back in England, minus a leg, Strike has opened up a failing private investigation business – missing cats and cheating spouses his specialty. To add insult to injury, his on again/off again relationship is officially off again. Strikes has two options – (1) be homeless or (2) sleep on the couch in his office and steal showers from the local University shower room. His luck may be on the upswing when John Bristow, brother of the recently deceased starlet Lula Landry, walks into his office. Flashing an unlimited amount of cash to investigate whether his sister’s death was actually a suicide as the police have ruled or a murder like Bristow suspects, Strike will finally get to use his training on a case that actually interests him.
I will admit I fell into the category of "The Cuckoo’s Huh?" until I learned that J.K. Rowling was the author. I waited months in trepidation before reading it, fearing the worst that Rowling was a one (okay, seven) hit wonder and that somehow the magic and majesty of Harry Potter that gave me such a happy for so many years would be tarnished by a shit novel written under a pen name. Thank the heavens that was not the case. Rowling proves that she can write. I mean REALLY write. Write ANYTHING. Talk about a 180 from Hogwarts. If you are a fan of detective novels, you should find the endearing Cormoran Strike and the never-ending cash of characters a real page turner. If you are a fan of Rowling, you will appreciate her humor, storytelling ability and familiar bits like characters who are described as soooooo not good looking, but somehow you find them attractive anyway.  Cuckoo is marked as "Cormoran Strike #1" and I hope future books are truly in the works.

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