Monday, January 11, 2016

The Word Game by Steena Holmes

2 Stars
I've come to the conclusion that there may only be two types of people in this world . . . those who enjoy Lifetime movies and those who don't . . .

Just kidding - don't get your panties in a twist. I am a woman who records "The Real Housewives" of EVERY. FRICKIN'. CITY. in order to see things like this . . .

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and this . . .

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Obviously I am not one who is able to judge another.

The Word Game is the story of what happens when Lyla, the daughter of a real helicopter mother, is allowed to attend her first sleepover. Being that said sleepover is at her aunt's house, Lyla's mother Alyson is nervous, but fairly comfortable that things will go smoothly. It becomes apparent immediately upon picking Lyla up that something is off with her and Alyson's own past won't allow her to let it go until she gets answers.

So I get the point of this story and it's a good one (know what the f*&^ is going on with your damn kids), I just didn't like the delivery. Not only did it come off very "movie of the week" to me and I knew everything that was going to end up being revealed way too early, I also had a major problem with the characters. Especially Alyson. I get where her intentions were coming from, but . . .

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With a friend like her you definitely wouldn't need any enemies!

Please note that Deanna and Shelby and Jan all really liked this one. It's probably safe to assume I read it wrong . . . .

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