Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz

3.5 Stars

If you want an actual review, go to Deanna’s immediately because there is going to be nothing informative here and also because she’s the reason I read this in the first place so she deserves all the credit.

I had heard of Tiffany Reisz awhile back when a whole bunch of perverts were reading this really super porny porn and trying to push me into reading it too. My reaction to what was sold to me as a bdsm/erotica/art story????

I’m woman enough to admit it. I steered clear of The Red, but never forgot Tiffany Reisz’s name. When I saw The Lucky Ones wasn’t a fail for Deanna I figured this might be the story for me to try. And boy was it!!!

Let me take you on a trip on the wayback machine when I was just a bitty one. No longer in need of picture books or intimidated by a large page count, a young Kelly went venturing into her mother’s room for library selections which resided on the nightstand. It is there she discovered worlds and characters built by literary geniuses such as Jackie Collins and Danielle Steele! Oh what stories they told – just like her favorite television programs Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing, etc. Young Kelly couldn’t wait to tell her mother what a good time she was having . . . .

But Kelly’s mother was like . . . .

Which made young Kelly say . . . .

Until young Kelly’s mother told her it was time for her to get her very own public library card so she could check out more age appropriate stories. And what did young Kelly choose? A little gem called Flowers in the Attic that I guarantee would not stand the test of time and that I read waaaaaaay before Al Gore invented the interwebs so you’ll just have to read Nick’s Review instead to see how it made me feel. Young Kelly’s reaction to that story was very much like . . . . .

And she read the entire V.C. Andrews series over and over and over until they completely fell apart.

The Lucky Ones may not be a great book, but Tiffany Reisz definitely writes well. It was certainly a grown-up version of my childhood fave and even included a bit of mystery that I didn’t figure out halfway through so that was a bonus.

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