Friday, March 16, 2018

People Like Us by Dana Mele

4 Stars

“We should definitely be nicer to people. You should think about that.”

“Nice is subjective.” 

 If your reaction to a “Mean Girls” type of story is . . . .

Then we probably shouldn’t be friends. Just kidding. Maybe. Whatever. At minimum you probably don’t want to read this book. I obviously lurrrrvvvvvv mean girls stories so I wanted this as soon as I saw the title and cover. Oh those private school uniforms. You just know all the characters are going to be twats!!!!

The story here is about Kay, or as my brain liked to call her . . . .

And her fellow In Crowd who happen to discover a dead body floating in the lake near campus. The slit wrists and floating corpse would make one think it was a case of suicide, but when mmmKay receives an e-mail threatening to out her sins of the past unless she follows the instructions contained in a website link, things get a little grey and everyone might be a suspect.

At some point this was popping up for me (even though I already had the sucka on hold at the library) as a “Recommended To You” selection because I enjoyed One Of Us Is Lying. Much to my surprise, that comparison isn’t half bad, actually. I really did have a fun time with both books. Lying due to The Breakfast Club similarities and People Like Us for the beat to death aforementioned Mean Girls. I’m telling you, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these little bitches. Especially the rich ones. Oh how they go from this . . . .

To this . . . .

In a nanosecond.

Once again I did know what was going on way early.  The good news was it didn’t even matter because I was having such a good time . . . .

“So. Are we finally going to trust each other?”

“Trust is a strong word.”

“Fair enough. We’ll keep things casual with a side of paranoia.”

4 Stars. Until next time . . . .

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